Reading can take you to new worlds. Writing enables you to build and create worlds out of your own imagination. But what about the world we live in right now? We live in such a beautiful world with so many mysteries and treasure troves of inspiration. It’s waiting for you to open the door and venture out into the unknown to go explore in the deserts of Egypt or the forests in Alaska. The world is calling you – are you going to answer it?

I’m a firm believer in the value of going places you’ve never been before. Not only is it healthy for the human soul to be able to visit places that are far away from the home and world you know, but you’re able to meet new people from all different walks of life. More than that, traveling is the fuel for my imagination. There is so much we can learn from people who are different from us, who have walked in different paths, been taught different things. They can teach us so much about the world we don’t know and help us to see things from an entirely different perspective. That newfound perspective is useful research and provides infinite amount of story and character ideas that you can channel into your own writing.

There is magic in nature that can only be found when you look for it. In seeking out new adventures and places to visit, entire worlds can open up to us. Your writers block can be cured. New story ideas can be formed. Lifelong friendships can be made.

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. For me, it tends to strike most when I’m off on a new adventure.

I intend to travel more and more as the months and years come and go. Expect some special blog posts about my travels which I hope will prompt new story ideas and I’ll most definitely share my own insights and research I gained from each new venture.

What are some of the coolest places you’ve been? I want to know!